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We are so proud of our ethos at UDC

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

We pride ourselves in being a nurturing dance school. We have students like Darcy seen here who started in Matilda Mouse attending with their parents and are now progressing through UDC.

Darcy is now part of our Ballet Company and a ballet dancer achieving wonderful things.

Darcy started her journey with UDC in Matilda mouse classes at the age of 2. She loved these classes and would always like to help out. She then went on to the next stage of learning ballet and has been going every week ever since, it wasn't long before she added tap and lyrical lessons too.

She has consistently achieved incredible results in all her exams.

In 2020 she was invited to join Ballet Company, she was so proud of this achievement and has since had some fantastic opportunities with her fellow ballet company members. She has made valuable friendships and always comes out with a smile on her face even after being worked really hard, and counts down to her next lesson!

The skills Darcy has learnt through her dancing have transferred to many areas of her life and her confidence in her physical abilities and her self assurance with learning new skills has allowed her to flourish in everything she does. UDC and dance are an integral part of Darcy's life and we are all the better for it.

Here are a few words from Darcy

I remember when I was 2 I joined Matilda mouse, I always remember her sat in her little pink chair waiting for a hug from us. I still have my very first pair of ballet shoes from that class! When I moved up a class I was so excited to learn lots of new ballet positions. I have taken my exams each year moving up the grades with my friends and learning the dances together for the show we do each year. When I was asked to join ballet company I was so happy, since being in company I have had so many great experiences and have made some great friends. I've been going to UDC for 9 years and I still love every minute!

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