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IDTA Ballet Diploma

Level 3 and Level 4

With over 30 years of teaching experience and a 100% pass rate, we pride ourselves on training teachers to the highest standards.

Our expert teaching team will guide you on your journey to becoming a fully accredited IDTA Ballet teacher, opening up opportunities to teach dancing in the UK and around the world.


The IDTA Ballet Level 4 Diploma is one of the most important qualifications to hold in the world of dance, allowing you to work with schools and youth groups, teach workshops, and even open your own successful dance school.

Our courses are all online giving you the freedom to study as and when you so wish. We back this home study up with once a month Zoom training sessions which are always on a Sunday 9.30 am - 1.00 pm.

We have a closed FaceBook page where we post constant up dates and advise to our students. A Whatsapp account where you can post your work and one of our teachers will offer help and guidance. Also with flexible payment options, this course is perfect for anyone looking to start their career as a qualified dance teacher!

Level 3 & Level 4 Information

The L3 is for teaching assistants and can be taken as young as 16. This is a great way to get a qualification under your belt and also to start working towards the L4.


We ask that anyone wishing to train with us for the L3 is 16 years or will be 16 at the time of their exam and has a strong background in dance.

We ask that anyone wishing to train with us for the L4 is 18 years and above (there is no upper age limit) has a strong dance background and has one of the following:-
Passed the Intermediate grade examination in IDTA, ISTD or RAD
Completed a 2/3 year performing arts course.
Holds a Dance Degree.


We have now developed an online course allowing students to study from home. This course has been created to run alongside our in-house students.


Our IDTA L4 Online Ballet Course is proving very popular. The course consists of a detailed comprehensive theory section including supportive videos to aid you in your practical work. Contact is established throughout via a closed FaceBook page and intense Zoom training sessions are scheduled once a month as part of the program.
The online course is straightforward and flexible, giving you the perfect way to manage to study in and around any lifestyle. The course is taken over 4 terms.


The theory and practical side of your coursework will be constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure that you are maintaining the correct standards required by IDTA, for each grade of this course UDC will determine whether you need extra tuition and guidance. If after receiving the additional help you are still not meeting the requirements set by IDTA for the L4 Ballet Course, and are falling behind significantly due to incomplete work, UDC reserve the right to decide if it deemed fit to remove you from the course or not enter you for the said exams. At this stage, no refund will be offered.


What does the course include?

Your Level 3 training should only take one term to complete, Level 4 takes 2/3 terms to complete.

For Level 3 exam you will have the understanding of three grades of your choice you choose one grade either Preparatory, Primary or Grade One, Either Grade Two or Grade Three and either Grade Four or Grade Five.

You will have an understanding of how to teach all the syllabus exercises, counting and corrections and creative ways to teach your classes.

Level 4 Information

Unit 1

is the online theory set by IDTA this has to be submitted before you can be entered in for your Unit Two and Three – This is completed during Terms 3 & 4.

Unit 2

is the Intermediate exam where you have to have full knowledge of the grade, how you would teach individual exercises, make up appropriate exercises and have a full understanding of the grade.

Unit 3

is a class test where you teach 2/4 students in front of the examiner, you may choose which grade you are teaching these are from grade 2 – grade 5. The examiner will let you know on the day what is required. Own music is required.

After successfully completing L3 candidates will be able to assist or teach in classes up to the module grades under the supervision of a fully qualified teacher. This does not make them a qualified IDTA teacher.

Syllabus Topics

  • Learning and understanding the set syllabus work from Preparatory to Intermediate inclusive

  • Creating your portfolio

  • Corrections, faults and teaching methods for all the grade work

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology

  • Choreography ideas

  • How to structure and teach a class

  • Teaching and lesson plans

  • How to build a healthy successful business

  • Insurance, Licenses & DBS checks

  • Child protection policies and procedures

  • Importance of exercise and nutrition

  • Start of choreography with guidance

How do I qualify for the course?

If you wish to take the Level 3 you should be 16 at the time of your examination and hold up to Grade 5 with a recognised Ballet Society. You will need to be aged 18 or over and hold the Intermediate grade in ballet unless you are over 21 then this is not a requirement. Have a dance degree or have attended a performing arts college for at least 2 years.

Candidates should be at least Intermediate grade in Ballet, however, training can be given to obtaining this level, and must be completed prior to starting the modules. Entry without the Intermediate Ballet grade should be discussed with us before application onto our courses.

IDTA Anatomy & Physiology Diploma

This is a multiple-choice examination and is now NOT compulsory by IDTA. If you do wish to take this examination as an extra qualification there will be an additional cost for this exam. Prices subject to change with IDTA.

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