We are very proud to say that we will be representing North Devon at the UDO World Championships this weekend 18th – 20th August.
Abundance, Solution and Unbound will be battling it out against other teams from around the World.



The World Championships is being hosted at the SECC in Glasgow.

Our teams will start competing on Friday morning with Quads followed by Team sets. Only 20% get taken through to the finals from the first day of competing. If a team isn’t successful in getting through to the finals they then compete again on the Saturday morning and another 20% are taken through to the  big finals on Sunday.


All our teams have worked under the watchful eye of Lee and have trained so hard to get this far. We are so proud of them and as a dance school that we can represent North Devon, showing that you don’t have to come from a big city to compete at the highest level.

Abundance U14's beginners

Solution U18's Intermediate

Unbound O18's Intermediate

We also have solo’s and duo’s to compete. So all in all it will be a very exciting weekend for us and hopefully for North Devon.