Well what a week we have all had at Dance Excellence. This has got to be one of the most inspiring but also challenging weeks in our UDC calender. We learnt so much this week, the one thing that stood out for me was that the only person you are dancing for is yourself, how we don’t have to impress other people as nobody is wrong in the way they dance, we all express ourselves differently and move differently, if we were all the same how boring that would be.

Our global award presented to us for our dedication to the dance industry

INSPIRING because we get to meet and learn from the most incredible teachers in the industry. Dance along side so many people from around the world, be encouraged as dancers to grow in our own self belief and be courageous to step out of our comfort zone and dance for ourselves and nobody else. CHALLENGING because as dancers we tend to keep to what we know and feel comfortable with, take classes that we know we can achieve in. At Dance Excellence we are encouraged to take classes that we don’t feel good at. There were hip hop dancers taking their very first ballet class and ballet dancers taking their very first hip hop class. No one was judged and we were all challenged to over come our fears and just enjoy the experience.

Senior Variety received Superior in their set

Quotes from our dancers and parents that attended:

Rosie (10)

It was such an amazing experience & I learnt so much. I enjoyed every minute & can’t wait to go back in 2018!

Will (15)

Dance Excellence changed me as a dancer and as a human being.

Charlie (16)

Dance Excellence is the most inspirational week and such an amazing experience.

Georgie (11)

It was the most amazing experience, my favourite class was hip hop with Spider! I had the best time ever and want to go back in 2018!!

Brooke (17)

Dance Excellence was a life changing experience and if anyone gets this opportunity, they should grab it !! You get taught so many new and different things outside of your comfort zone and meet so many new and amazing people from all over the world.

Kamilie (13)

I enjoyed every minute never thought 10 days can change my life so much. Best experience ever, it changed me as a dancer and it gave me more confidence!

Ellie (teacher)

Dance Excellence is an inspirational week filled with love, passion and amazing people from all over the world with one thing in common …. DANCE X

Lee (teacher)

Dance Excellence is ….. Indescribable, it’s full of inspiration and a place to meet new people from all around the world

Sarah (parent)

A fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world and get out of a rut – shows there are lots of opportunities in the world to explore.

Belinda (parent)

Dance Excellence is truly a life changing,inspirational experience, giving you a sense of self and your own ability to follow your dreams no matter what they are, or who you are.

Annie (parent)

WOW what a week!! Inspirational teachers, awesome classes, meeting new people, having fun, even as a parent you can join in classes and get to go on great trips out in amazing LA! A great opportunity and the chance of a lifetime!