Our teams plus our duo and solo dancers had a very successful day at the UDO (United Dance Organisation) http://www.udostreetdance.com/ competition in Torquay on the 19th June.

We had our 3 teams enter. Lee and Britney train Abundance and Lee trains Solution and Unbound plus solo’s and duo’s

Abundance U14’s Beginners

Solution U18’s Intermediate

Unbound O18’s Intermediate

All of our teams have qualifed for the World Championships in August which take place at the SECC in Glasgow, so our competing at Torquay was to give the teams more experience in the competitve world.

Abundance held their ground but unfortunately didn’t place this time, Solution placed 2nd and Unbound placed 3rd in their catagory.



Solution Team

We then went on and had dancers compete in the solo and duo’s. We were so proud of them with the following results and they will also now be competing at the World Championships.

Solos :
Taylor 5th U12 Novice
Britney 4th O16 Novice
Lee 6th O16 Advanced

Duos :
Taylor and Rosie 1st U12 Novice
Jaz and Pheobe 6th U14 Beginner
Summer and Charlie 5th O16 Beginner
Brit and Georgie 4th O16 Beginner
Lee and Jack 4th O16 Advanced

Congratulations to all our dancers, the hard work has paid off.